Going Back to School with Unicorn Accessories

Who can resist that fluffy unicorn tail? This is why many of us love these equines so very much. We love them because they represent hope and dreams. They symbolize innocence, purity, and all the good things in life. We may not have unicorns in our back garden, but we have many other things to make our life colorful. Here are some fun and beautiful back to school unicorn gift accessories you need to spice up your outfit this coming school season.

While the world may mock us for our love of unicorns, we are here to tell you: unicorns are cool. And if you think that your child might need some unicorn accessories to make their first day of school a little bit easier, then you’re in luck! We have everything from backpacks to t-shirts to get them ready for the classroom—and all of these items are available in the colors of the rainbow.

Why We Love Unicorns So Much

In addition to being considered symbols of purity, unicorns represent love, kindness, and virtue. This makes them perfect for children returning to school after summer break or starting an academic year.

Plus, unicorns are believed to possess healing powers and can purify water by dipping its horn into it. Many people believe that drinking water from a cup that has been dipped in a pool where a unicorn has drunk is good for their health and makes them feel better.

Today, we want to take you back to school in style with these unicorn accessories! Whether you’re a student or not, you can still rock these accessories that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Are you ready to get your unicorn on? Let’s go!

The Perfect Back to School Gift

Rainbow accessories such as bags, shirts, or notebooks are perfect for school because they’re fun, bold, and cheerful—just like the unicorn itself! As you return to school this fall, consider adding a little magic to your outfit with some unicorn-themed outfits or jewelry.

You can even get your whole class involved with a Rainbow Unicorn Party! Speaking of rainbows… Make an entire ensemble by pairing unicorns and rainbows!

If you’re a unicorn, returning to school is a difficult time (unless you’re attending a Unicorn School)!

But if you’re going back to school as a unicorn? It’s even more difficult.

Sure, there are plenty of great things about being a unicorn: the magic powers, the ability to fly and teleport, and so on. But what about when you don’t feel like wearing your magic powers? What happens when you just want to be yourself?

For many unicorns, this means keeping their rainbow-colored manes under wraps for at least part of the day—but we think that’s no way for a unicorn to live. That’s why we’ve come up with some solutions that will make your life easier (and prettier!) during back-to-school season:

Check out our Unicorn Backpack collection.

Or take a look at our other Unicorn merch: we’ve got shirts, masks, tumblers, and more!

Bring Unicorns and Rainbows with You This School Year

It’s the beginning of a new school year. You’re excited, but you’re also nervous.

You’ll be meeting new people, learning new things, and maybe even making some lifelong friends. But what about your outfit? How can you ensure you look as good as possible while still feeling comfortable?

Well, we’ve got just the solution for you: unicorn accessories!

Unicorn accessories are all the rage right now, and they’re perfect for any occasion—whether going to school or heading out on a Friday night with your friends. And they come in various styles so that you can find one that perfectly matches your personality!

Unicorns are known for their magical rareness (and association with rainbows), so why not bring some magic into your life this year?

Check out our Unicorn Backpack collection.

Or take a look at our other Unicorn merch: we’ve got shirts, masks, tumblers, and more!

Unicorns are for Kids and Kids at Heart

What’s purer than a unicorn?

No, not a unicorn-shaped cookie. I mean a real, live unicorn!

And what’s purer than a child?

They’re adorable and sweet, and their eyes sparkle like little pieces of heaven. But I’m talking about the purity of their heart and mind. They come to earth with hearts full of love and minds free from the noise and pollution that we adult humans can’t seem to escape.

That’s why unicorns are so appealing to everyone – kids, adults, men, and women. It’s not just because they’re so cute and colorful, but because they remind us of simpler times, innocence, and happiness.

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