The Best Unicorn Christmas Gift Ideas For Adults And Kids

With the holiday gift-giving season right around the corner, don’t forget the unicorn-lovers in your life who believe in a little magic. Whether you’re shopping for unicorn Christmas gift for kids, looking for unicorn gifts for adults, or even just for great unicorn ornaments for the Christmas tree this year, The Unicorn Gifts has your back!

Christmas T-Shirts

When it comes to unicorn Christmas gift ideas, clothing is a great option that lets them show their interest while staying festive. The Unicorn Gifts offers some great options in this department, like T-Shirt featuring a colorful unicorn in Santa’s hat dabbing or T-Shirt showing a graceful unicorn letting everyone know your wish-list.

Unicorn Bottles & Tumblers

Wine Tumblers and bottles can be great unicorn gifts for adults for all occasions that can be used year-round, whether it’s a tumbler with a poised unicorn captioned with Sleigh All Day or a tumbler for those who love dinosaurs just as much as unicorns, so why not give them a tumbler with a unicorn riding a dinosaur?

Unicorn Toys & Accessories

Unicorn Christmas gift ideas have never been easier to find than now, and The Unicorn Gifts has so many toys, accessories, and bags that you won’t have any trouble. Check out our adorable unicorn-themed dreamcatchers, our super cute unicorn plush dolls, and their magical sequined pencil bags for those great unicorn Christmas gifts that are also practical!

Unicorn Ornaments

No Christmas tree is complete without a few unicorn ornaments, and The Unicorn Gifts has all you could want in both glass and ceramic options for your unicorn ornaments. We make great accents and statements. How could you pass up our elegant ceramic unicorn ornament or our goofy glass ornament of a unicorn tangled in Christmas lights?

Unicorn Shower Curtains

Adult life can be boring, so surprise the unicorn lover in your life with one of the greatest, most unexpected unicorn gifts for adults, a shower curtain! Bring their bathroom to life, whether the unicorn lover likes their unicorns on the creepy crawly side of things or whether they just like to keep it classy, cute, and adorable, giving them a new shower curtain can be a fun gift and a great surprise!

Unicorn Sherpa Fleece Blankets

Literally everyone uses blankets, so The Unicorn Gifts Sherpa Fleece Blankets make for the perfect unicorn Christmas gifts for adults and children. Consider our fantasy galaxy unicorn blanket or our adorable inspirational unicorn blanket that’s sure to keep you warm!

Unicorn December Birthday Gifts

Never forget to separate those with December birthdays from Christmas and make sure you get them their own unicorn birthday presents! The Unicorn Gifts has birthday month themed gifts, so be sure to check out our T-Shirts, Tumblers, and even bags!

Whether you’re doing some last-minute shopping, or you’re planning in advance, The Unicorn Gifts has got your back when it comes to unicorns! It has a myriad of unicorn gifts for adults and children alike and is sure to meet all your unicorn Christmas gift needs!

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